May Recital DVDs

For those who are interested the May Recital DVD - Musicals presented by Sahuarita Dance Center, they are going to the printers for final printing this weekend. If you have not yet paid for, or ordered a recital DVD, please send an email to, call or send a text to (520)249-4796 ASAP to get your copy of the DVD secured. These DVDs are expensive to have produced, so please contact us to ensure you will be paying for and picking up a DVD for $15.

recital practice

Can't wait to see everyone all dressed up and ready to go! (-:

As a reminder NO FOOD OR DRINKS in the auditorium (-:

If you have not picked up your 4 complimentary tickets they will be at the audiroirum during dress rehearsal. You can buy any extra tickets in the lobby during dress rehearsal also.

Miss Michele

Sahuartita Dance Center

RECITAL INFORMATION: ( For only those participating)

Remember pictures this Saturday the 27th and next Saturday May 4th,

Dress rehearsals will be May the 24th and the 25th in the morning. Exact time of your specific dance dress rehearsal will be posted this weekend. Recital Line up will also be posted Saturday April the 27th. Recital night the 25th we will have three shows. 

May 25th RECITAL:

300 dancers - YEAH!

Today is a mile marker at SDC! We have 300 students!!! WOW! We must be doing something right! I love our teachers and staff and all they do! They have good hearts and are hard workers!!! It is so awesome to be able to be part of all of these kids lives and watch them grow! It is an amazing privilege!